Perfect Pan-tastic Poems

Gill’s Gold Fields Of Bictoira

S.T. Gill

From the State Library of Victoria’s Pictures Collection


I’m so tired digging for gold. Once I’m done I’m going to be old. I need to hurry I have a wife and child. The joe hate grog because it tastes like bile. There’s a guy behind me who’s already done. I really need to hurry so I can have some bun.

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Amazing Awesome Avatars

Have you seen the guy above? Of course you have it’s my blog avatar which you can’t miss on my blog site (right hand side in case you did)! This avatar is an activity of the student blogging challenge. To find out more about the student blogging challenge click here.

The reason I choose this avatar was because firstly, I love bowties, secondly, it reminds me of Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and finally I like stars, constellations and planets. If you want to make an avatar like I did click here.