Disco Dancing

On Friday the 28th of October we performed the song Titanium at assembly. The reason we presented the song in front of the whole school was because we were learning about resilience, one of the You Can Do It keys. The other keys are confidence, persistence, getting along and organisation. We dressed in t-shirts that were the colours of the rainbow because the colours represent resilience. The choreographers were Leon, Joram and Mr Andrea. Below are links to their blogs.

  • For Leon’s blog click here.
  • For Joram’s blog click here.
  • For Mr Andrea’s blog click here.

Below is a snippet of the song Titanium by SIA.


After performing Titanium we went to the performing arts room and danced to the song Dance Off. We learnt some more moves for our  class song. As part of our dance Jamie and I have to perfom the matrix together.

Below is a snippet of the song Dance Off.