My Great Gorgeous Goals


•I will use my schema to make connections✅

•I will report on the good, greed and evil during the book✅

•I will compare themes from book to book daily✅

•Make text to text to world connections✅

•Make text to world connections by using character traits✅

•To make an opinion and support it with evidence


•I will collect 2-3 seeds from home for my writing inspiration⏸🐷

•I will choose interesting words that help paint a picture in people’s minds when they read my writing pieces✅

•I will seperate main ideas into paragraphs when I create my writing pieces✅

•I will include 3-4 smilies and metaphors in my writing pieces⏸🐷

•I will stay on topic with my writing pieces daily✅

•I will plan lots of detail with no more than 3 settings and 4 characters in my writing pieces✅

•I use idioms to represent my ideas


•I will show my working in my maths book✅

•I will include lots of detail in my maths explanations⏸🐷

•I will indentify the crux (core) of challenging maths problems and record them in my maths book every week


•I will choose 2-3 challenging words for my spelling using the spelling list for years 11-12

For anyone wanting to access the the 11-12 spelling list click here.