Magnificent Me in a Minute 2

Do you remember when I made 2 goals about what I could improve in ‘Me in a minute’? If you don’t remember my ‘Me in a minute’ blog post click on the text below to see it.

Me in a minute

Anyway…. I wanted to triple how many basket balls in ring I got and I wanted to at least double my score of balls in the target. Well….. I doubled my score for balls in the target but…… I got the same score for how many basket balls in the ring. Have a look at my score below.

To get a higher score I said my accuracy will need to improve a lot. Well I can say that throwing balls at a wall worked. But I need to shoot some more hoops. I am going to improve the amount of basketballs I get in the ring next time we do ‘Me in a minute’. I promise you I will practise and not fail. I will become better. See you next time.

One thought on “Magnificent Me in a Minute 2

  1. Hi
    Great to hear about your improved score! Fantastic to know that you are going to practice shooting hoops!! I’m sure the neighbours will let you use their basketball ring !!! From Sue (Mum)

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