Magnificent Me in a Minute

Go Scott! Go Scott! I keep my head high but the pain is so hard. Suddenly I collapse on the ground and relax my legs. Ski squats are hard. Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. A couple of days ago we were doing me in a minute. Me in a minute is where we have 14 different tasks to do in a minute. We ran around the oval, did push up, shoot hoops and more. Below are my results.

My results

Why are doing this. Good question. We want to assess our physical fitness and it’s a fun excuse to do fun in maths. Soon we will be doing averages on our results but anyway….

We have to make 2 goals about what we could improve. I want to triple how many basket balls in ring I got and I want to at least double my score of balls in the target. But how will I improve you ask. Well…..

To get a higher score. My accuracy will need to improve a lot. How I’m going to improve it well that is easy…. practise. As they say practise makes perfect. See you soon.

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