3 Way Conference Script

A 3 Way Conference is where your with your mum, dad and teacher. Instead of the teacher talking your parents, you talk. We had a script my script is below.


Mum, Dad, I will not except dad jokes because I will immediately cease this presentation. Questions will be at the end. Be ready and keep your ears listening because there will be a quiz at the end and the person that wins gets….. nothing. Shall we get started. I think we should. I’ve enjoyed school so much that I can do a presentation on my learning at school. This year I have be come more responsible in this first semester and will keep becoming a better learner in the next semester. Today I will be sharing Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry as usual. So lets get this over and done with.
For the first topic is…. Reading!! I just want to say once I was reading a book on the history of glue but I just couldn’t put it down. What you are about to see is a bit of app smashing with camera, iMovie and explain everything. Lets watch the video. (Play video). The pictures you just saw was my buddies Henry and William and an image of my picture story book that I read to my class and the prep class. When we first read the picture story book to a group of people in the class and my feedback was to improve my expression for the character. Some other feedback was my posture because not everybody could see the pictures. This is a video of how I was reading before I got my feedback. ( play video). To improve this feedback I tried different voices for each characters. I eventually found the voices that fitted the book. I am now going to read my book ‘Shh! We have a plan’. (Read book to parents). So what did you think? (Let parents answer). Now our next subject is…

Writing. I wanted to tell you about the trip to the pencil factory but I really didn’t see the point….anyway……….. Lets watch this video. Now like before you are going to watch a video with some app smashing. Lets watch the video. (Play video). That was picture of my eureka stockade work and my letter to Sovereign Hill. We couldn’t start our letter draft straight away we had to do a lot of research. We will now experience a time-lapse of the editing of my draft for my Sovereign Hill letter which took me a lot of my time. (Play video). Can you see how hard my editing was adding, taking away, changing words and re-reading. Lets take a look at this photo about revising vs editing. ( show photo and explain). I think its time to move on to my favourite subject Maths


Maths! Its very cold in here don’t you think? (Parents answer). (If yes )Then go stand in the corner because its 90 degrees. (If no) Get out of the corner it’s 90 degrees. Square Numbers and Square Roots don’t we just love them. Lets watch this video before we get to the fun stuff. (Play video). Once I understood how square numbers work and easily could say them it was like I learnt a whole new skill. When I found out the math game Skyscrapers were about I was so excited. Leon and I played against each other for square numbers from 1-20. It was 11 all until I got the last skyscraper and won. Now who wants to beat me, Mum….Dad…(play game). For the last subject….


Inquiry! We were focusing on history in the 1850s. Hey, Why was school easier for cave people? (Parents answer). Because they had no history to study. Lets watch the last video. (Play video). We have learnt a lot about the Eureka Stockade this year. We read a book about it, We played a game about it which I will talk more about it soon. We learned about the type of lives miners had on the goldfields. People with a Chinese background were ripped off, called rude words and treated like they were dogs. The Eureka Stockade was practically a slaughter for people that burned their licences. The Eureka Stockade game is game where you can choose a policeman, a woman with a family, a Chinese person and a British person. You get to control their lives and you can experience taxes, police checks, bribes and grog which is alcohol. So lets play…(If dad played skyscraper then mum plays and if mum played skyscraper then dad plays). Now its quiz time.

Okay. Lets play…Spin that subject. The subject for the question is….. Maths. Were you listening? Here we go… When Leon and I were tied in Skyscraper what was the score? (Answer 11). Lets spin that subject. And it is Reading!! So the question is… What were my 2 goals for my Shh! We have a plan? (Answer expression and posture). For the final time lets spin that subject… Its Inquiry. The question is What is the name 1850s alcohol? (Answer grog). The question for writing is… The photo that I explained about.. what is it called? (Answer revising vs editing). Now for the winning question… What was one of the dad jokes? (Pencil factory, corner, cavemen and history of glue). The winner is…. Me for making a script and presenting this final 3 way conference to you. So any questions? (Questions asked and answered) Thats the end. Thank you for coming mum and dad.

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