Creative Cereal Box

Our task was to write a biography, make some artifacts, write a newspaper article and decorate a cereal box about a famous australian from 1901-1960. Below is photos of my artifacts, cereal box and biography.

I think I did a really great job but what do you think about our project? Who would you do it on? Do you like what I did? Please comment below so I can see what you think about our inquiry project.

2 thoughts on “Creative Cereal Box

  1. Hi Scott,
    I like how you made a model tank. Also how you said how he died and what he died of. And how you included his childhood,adulthood and he’s early life. I think you could make more things to represent him other than that I like it.
    From olivia

  2. Hi Scott ,
    I really like your objects they were really creative!
    And how your bio included his childhood, adulthood and how he became famous.
    I think you could’ve made more objects to explain more about him. Good job!

    From Molly

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