Learntastic Learning Behavour

O.M.G. Here we are 24 months later and I still can’t believe he his making us do this task again. Mr Rogers read us a picture storybook what does he think we are… preps!! If you want to see my post on this task from 24 months ago click here. Please leave a comment on this post or the farmer duck post if I have improved by 24 months.

Have you heard the saying opposites attract. Amy does everything perfect and Henry is imperfect. Well this is what happens in Henry and Amy (right way round and upside down).

While reading the book we had to find hidden messages they include different personalities can have something to teach us, you don’t have to be perfect to be happy and everyone makes mistakes. My favourite hidden message is everyone makes mistakes because you won’t learn something new if you don’t make mistakes like when Amy didn’t make mistakes she couldn’t learn new things.

My personal goal for this year is to try my hardest and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because it would be better to increase my learning skills. I will do this by reducing distractions that are around me and focusing on trying my best and not caring about making mistakes because it will be better for my learning.

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One thought on “Learntastic Learning Behavour

  1. Hi Scott
    You have ‘grown’ so much in 24 months!!! I really like your sizzling starts, mature sentence structure and correct spelling. They all make for great reading.
    Keep on making mistakes so that you continue to grow as a learner. 🙂

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