Respectful Rememberance Day

ATTENTION cadets!! Rememberance Day is all about respecting those who have fallen during the World War One. It also about the Poppy’s the only flowers that grew on the battlefield. I attended the Rememberance Day Ceremony down in Sunbury because I’m a part of the Australian Air League. Being a part of the Australian Air League means being interested in aviation. You also have get to attend community events and fly simulators. Below is Zac (another cadet) and I talking about Rememberance Day at Assembly.

  • To visit Zac’s blog click here.
  • If you are interested in the Air League click the picture below.


3 thoughts on “Respectful Rememberance Day

  1. That was a very good post and I like how you put the video on but next time I think you should not put music in because I can not really hear what you are saying.

    • Hi Hamish,

      Don’t worry I’ve changed the video so there is no music in the background.

      From Scott.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I like how you have a picture link in your post but I think you could have a more engaging heading.

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