Adventurous Awe-inspiring Arachic Approach

We walked inside the gym and sat on the cold, dusty floor. A lady at the front stood up and called for silence. The lady from coach approach said we would be doing Hip-Hop, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Circus Tricks and Hockey.

First we participated in Touch Football. This was my first time trying Touch football. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this sport but I ended up loving it. In Touch Football I learnt how to pass the ball to a partner. Below is a Football that we used in Touch Football.


Then we moved on to Ultimate Frisbee. I enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee this year and it was the same last year. In Ultimate Frisbee I learned grip it, whip it, point.


My favourite sport was up next and it was hip-hop. We danced to I’m A Cool Girl. I learnt you should always stretch before and after. Click the picture below to watch the music video of I’m A Cool Girl.



Then we participated in Circus Tricks. The person taught us juggling and other tricks. I learnt to get the special juggling ball on my foot and catch it by flipping it up in the air.


The bell went after we completed Circus Tricks. After lunch we started doing Lacrosse. We were throwing the ball using the Lacrosse sticks to our partner. I was accidentally trowing the ball to far.


Our final activity was Hockey. We used real Hockey sticks and I learnt that one side was flat and the other side was round. I kept bouncing the ball on the flat side 10 times in a row.


Just before we went home we got some prizes but unfortunately I got none.

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