Tournament Of The Minds

On the 20th of August I took a trip down memory lane. I had already done T.O.M also known as tournament of the minds once in 2014 and I was back there again. My team was the Maths and Engineering group with Luke, Connor, Angus, Oliver, Zac and Jamie. Here is a photo of my team below.

My Team

My Team

We did a long term challenge and a spontaneous challenge. The spontaneous challenge is where you had to complete a task on the spot. We had four minutes come up with ideas and then one minute to present the ideas. The challenge was about stairs and we weren’t allowed to talk about it until Monday so other teams wouldn’t be able to get an idea of the challenge ahead.

In the long term challenge we had six weeks to complete the task. Our challenge was to make a device that sorted the Golden Ratio out. We created the device, script and costumes. When we performed in front of the judges they said we were the best group so far and so did Ms Cairney. We got Honors which means we came equivalent to 2nd place.

For more information on Tournament of the Minds click the picture below.


For infomation on the golden ratio click here.

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