Shockingly Spectactular Science Shows

The universe is made of…. 12 particles of matter…. 4 forces of nature. It’s wonderful and significant story. Ohh sorry just singing the Quantum World. Symphony of science is the greatest maker of science videos with catchy ring to it. They make videos about all types of science.

I am inspired to learn more and have fun with science. I am most interested in the periodic table. Below are links to 2 videos made by the symphony of science.

  • For Ode To The Brain click here
  • For The Quantum World click here
  • For the Symphony Of Science website click on the picture below


4 thoughts on “Shockingly Spectactular Science Shows

  1. Hi Scott
    Think your choice of Science songs are great!
    Do you think you will know the first 10 elements of the periodic table by the end of next week?
    Love Mum

    • Hi Mum

      Remembering the first ten will be difficult but I’ll give it a go.

      From Scott

  2. Hi Scott.

    I’m on your side and think that you will know the first ten elements by the end of next week.

    Judging by the progress of your research, your challenge is going to lie in narrowing down your subheadings into manageable and engaging chunks in preparation for the science fair.

    What do yoh think your subheadings will be?

    Mr A.

  3. Have fun at the Science Expo sharing your knowledge of the periodic table and all those atoms!!

    Love Mum

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