Biography of the one and only Captain Henry Charles Ross

Captain Henry Charles Ross

Name: Captain Henry Charles Ross

Born: ? 1829

Where: Toronto, Canada

Died: 2am on the 5th of December 1854

Mother: Elizabeth Wells Ross

Siblings: 11 names unknown

Captain Henry Ross was involved in the Eureka Stockade. He is the son of Elizabeth Wells Ross. One of his achievements was becoming the 3rd generation of his family to take up arms. He was outraged about Australian documents calling him Captain Charles Ross.

Henry happened to have siblings. He had 11 other brothers and sisters, but the names and gender are unknown.

Captain Henry Ross was a Canadian leader at the Eureka Stockade. He lead a division of Canadian miners. There were about 8 to 10 miners in his division. His friend Thomas Budden who came to Australia who decided to live on Bakery Hill, he tried to warn the miners/stockaders of the imminent attack from the governments forces. No one knows what happened to Budden in the end. Captain Ross’ daily job was was to stand and protect the stockades. He protected his and the stockaders rights which in the end cost him his life.

Apparently Henry designed the flag for the eureka stockade but no one really knows who did. In the events of the eureka stockade Ross took the design to the 3 women; Anastasia Withers, Anne Duke and Anastasia Hayes to get it sewn for the 30th of November 1854 at 2.00pm. At that time Peter Layer stood up and said “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand by each others rights and liberties”. Every miner said amen and marched back to the camp.

This is the story of the battle at the Eureka Stockade. The battle started when the first shots rang out in the early morning. Henry Ross up quickly and stood at the bottom of the flagpole. He was mortally wounded during the early stage of battle. Some say he surrendered and was shot 10 to 15 minutes after. Eventually he escaped from the government. He hid from the government that were trying to find him after his escape. Finally a couple of the stockades found him and escorted him to the nearby Star Hotel. Until he died in great pain from his wounds.

So Henry was a great man who stood for his rights. This person was recorded in history because he stood and fought for what he believed was right and challenged law in doing so. That is why Captain Henry Ross is recorded in history. You’ve now heard the life long story of Captain Henry Charles Ross.

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