Interesting Important Inquiry

Our inquiry topic started with Australia has been influenced by the experiences and endeavours of many different groups of people and events. My character is Captain Henry Ross. We have to tell a yarn (a memory) about that character. Below is a gallery of my work and my character.

We had to do the thinker keys. The thinker key I did was the alphabet. I had to write an alphabet for that character. For our work we had to do some research. I used a lot of different websites such as Wikipedia and more. Below is a two links to the most popular websites I used.

  • For Wikipedia click here
  • For Defending Victoria click here

Click below for a history game. In the game you start with a 100 points and you try not to lose all your points. You have to make smart decisions to strike it rich in the gold rush.


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  1. Hi Scott,
    I loved your post, especially all the links and the fun game. But you seemed very straightforward with your information, maybe you can improve on that next time.
    Have fun blogging,

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