Seeing It Is Believing It

This week we have been doing visualising. Mr Andrea read us The Shadow Child and The Rainbow Cat. Once we finished the story we had to draw what picture was in our heads and record the words that made us get that picture. Below is a picture of the cover of the book we read.

We also had to draw the Trunchbull out of Matilda. My drawing wasn’t that great. Here is a classic line the Trunchbull says and what my impression of my drawing looks like.

For the people that don’t know who The Trunchbull is, here’s some infomation about her. The Trunchbull is the headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School and is quite a mean person. She was once an olympic athlete. Her best sport was the hammer throw. So when children were naughty she would either, grab the children by the hair and throw them out the window or put them in a cupboard with pins and needles everywhere. Finally she would let them out after they had suffered a lot.

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