Magnificent Me in a Minute with…….AVERAGES!!

DA, DA…. DAHHHHHHHH!!  OMG we finally finished Me in a Minute. Oh yes and for those people who might just keep spanning me in comments I kept my promise about getting more basketball hoops. We have been doing Means, Modes and Medians. Below is the link to song so you remember what they mean.

Hey diddle diddle

Here is my class mode, means and medians below.

For the class’s first time average we improved in everything this time except for squats whos average dropped from 55.1 to 51.8.  The average that the class improved in the most is balls in the target from 9.1 to 20.58. One that only improved barely was sit ups that went from 45.3 to 48.05.

Magnificent Me in a Minute 2

Do you remember when I made 2 goals about what I could improve in ‘Me in a minute’? If you don’t remember my ‘Me in a minute’ blog post click on the text below to see it.

Me in a minute

Anyway…. I wanted to triple how many basket balls in ring I got and I wanted to at least double my score of balls in the target. Well….. I doubled my score for balls in the target but…… I got the same score for how many basket balls in the ring. Have a look at my score below.

To get a higher score I said my accuracy will need to improve a lot. Well I can say that throwing balls at a wall worked. But I need to shoot some more hoops. I am going to improve the amount of basketballs I get in the ring next time we do ‘Me in a minute’. I promise you I will practise and not fail. I will become better. See you next time.

Magnificent Me in a Minute

Go Scott! Go Scott! I keep my head high but the pain is so hard. Suddenly I collapse on the ground and relax my legs. Ski squats are hard. Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. A couple of days ago we were doing me in a minute. Me in a minute is where we have 14 different tasks to do in a minute. We ran around the oval, did push up, shoot hoops and more. Below are my results.

My results

Why are doing this. Good question. We want to assess our physical fitness and it’s a fun excuse to do fun in maths. Soon we will be doing averages on our results but anyway….

We have to make 2 goals about what we could improve. I want to triple how many basket balls in ring I got and I want to at least double my score of balls in the target. But how will I improve you ask. Well…..

To get a higher score. My accuracy will need to improve a lot. How I’m going to improve it well that is easy…. practise. As they say practise makes perfect. See you soon.

There’s An Animal In Me

We are doing poetry and we had to write a poem that’s called there’s an animal in me. We have to write about animals that express our curiosity, intellegence, creativity etc. Below is a picture of my poem.

3 Way Conference Script

A 3 Way Conference is where your with your mum, dad and teacher. Instead of the teacher talking your parents, you talk. We had a script my script is below.


Mum, Dad, I will not except dad jokes because I will immediately cease this presentation. Questions will be at the end. Be ready and keep your ears listening because there will be a quiz at the end and the person that wins gets….. nothing. Shall we get started. I think we should. I’ve enjoyed school so much that I can do a presentation on my learning at school. This year I have be come more responsible in this first semester and will keep becoming a better learner in the next semester. Today I will be sharing Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry as usual. So lets get this over and done with.
For the first topic is…. Reading!! I just want to say once I was reading a book on the history of glue but I just couldn’t put it down. What you are about to see is a bit of app smashing with camera, iMovie and explain everything. Lets watch the video. (Play video). The pictures you just saw was my buddies Henry and William and an image of my picture story book that I read to my class and the prep class. When we first read the picture story book to a group of people in the class and my feedback was to improve my expression for the character. Some other feedback was my posture because not everybody could see the pictures. This is a video of how I was reading before I got my feedback. ( play video). To improve this feedback I tried different voices for each characters. I eventually found the voices that fitted the book. I am now going to read my book ‘Shh! We have a plan’. (Read book to parents). So what did you think? (Let parents answer). Now our next subject is…

Writing. I wanted to tell you about the trip to the pencil factory but I really didn’t see the point….anyway……….. Lets watch this video. Now like before you are going to watch a video with some app smashing. Lets watch the video. (Play video). That was picture of my eureka stockade work and my letter to Sovereign Hill. We couldn’t start our letter draft straight away we had to do a lot of research. We will now experience a time-lapse of the editing of my draft for my Sovereign Hill letter which took me a lot of my time. (Play video). Can you see how hard my editing was adding, taking away, changing words and re-reading. Lets take a look at this photo about revising vs editing. ( show photo and explain). I think its time to move on to my favourite subject Maths


Maths! Its very cold in here don’t you think? (Parents answer). (If yes )Then go stand in the corner because its 90 degrees. (If no) Get out of the corner it’s 90 degrees. Square Numbers and Square Roots don’t we just love them. Lets watch this video before we get to the fun stuff. (Play video). Once I understood how square numbers work and easily could say them it was like I learnt a whole new skill. When I found out the math game Skyscrapers were about I was so excited. Leon and I played against each other for square numbers from 1-20. It was 11 all until I got the last skyscraper and won. Now who wants to beat me, Mum….Dad…(play game). For the last subject….


Inquiry! We were focusing on history in the 1850s. Hey, Why was school easier for cave people? (Parents answer). Because they had no history to study. Lets watch the last video. (Play video). We have learnt a lot about the Eureka Stockade this year. We read a book about it, We played a game about it which I will talk more about it soon. We learned about the type of lives miners had on the goldfields. People with a Chinese background were ripped off, called rude words and treated like they were dogs. The Eureka Stockade was practically a slaughter for people that burned their licences. The Eureka Stockade game is game where you can choose a policeman, a woman with a family, a Chinese person and a British person. You get to control their lives and you can experience taxes, police checks, bribes and grog which is alcohol. So lets play…(If dad played skyscraper then mum plays and if mum played skyscraper then dad plays). Now its quiz time.

Okay. Lets play…Spin that subject. The subject for the question is….. Maths. Were you listening? Here we go… When Leon and I were tied in Skyscraper what was the score? (Answer 11). Lets spin that subject. And it is Reading!! So the question is… What were my 2 goals for my Shh! We have a plan? (Answer expression and posture). For the final time lets spin that subject… Its Inquiry. The question is What is the name 1850s alcohol? (Answer grog). The question for writing is… The photo that I explained about.. what is it called? (Answer revising vs editing). Now for the winning question… What was one of the dad jokes? (Pencil factory, corner, cavemen and history of glue). The winner is…. Me for making a script and presenting this final 3 way conference to you. So any questions? (Questions asked and answered) Thats the end. Thank you for coming mum and dad.

Game Strategies

Today we played strategy games as an activity. I played Squares/Dots and Boxes with Alex.

My strategy to beat Alex was to make lines around the edges so when Alex made a mistake I got a square we played 10 times. I won 6 times, Alex won 3 times and one time Alex and I tied. The reason I think it worked is because Alex was puting lines in the middle.


Creative Cereal Box

Our task was to write a biography, make some artifacts, write a newspaper article and decorate a cereal box about a famous australian from 1901-1960. Below is photos of my artifacts, cereal box and biography.

I think I did a really great job but what do you think about our project? Who would you do it on? Do you like what I did? Please comment below so I can see what you think about our inquiry project.

Challenging ‘Camp-tastic’ Camp

On Wednesday the 10th of May to Friday the 12th of May all the year sixes went on camp. We stayed at the Big 4 Caravan Park and did amazing activities at Sovereign Hill such as gold panning, treasure hunt and more. My favourite place was the Sovereign Hill Confectionary Store because you could see the lollies being made.. Below is a picture of the Confectionary Store. Click on the picture to visit a blog post on sweets on the Sovereign Hill Blog.

Thanks to the Sovereign Hill Education Blog for the photo.

When we came back from camp we were tasked to do a reflection about camp. Below is the reflection.

If you want to know more about Sovereign Hill leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you or for the Sovereign Hill website click here.

Picture Story Book Goal Evidence

Hi Guys. This post is evidence of my picture story book goal. If you don’t remember what the goal is click here. I just want to say I’m sorry that you can’t see all the pictures for the book in the video below.

I have now achieved my goal. Please leave a comment below with feedback about my expressions if i need to put some more change into them.


Today marks the day of my goal changing to a new goal.

Perfect Pan-tastic Poems

Gill’s Gold Fields Of Bictoira

S.T. Gill

From the State Library of Victoria’s Pictures Collection


I’m so tired digging for gold. Once I’m done I’m going to be old. I need to hurry I have a wife and child. The joe hate grog because it tastes like bile. There’s a guy behind me who’s already done. I really need to hurry so I can have some bun.

Go ahead and make your own poem/rap about this picture and put it in the comment section below.

Amazing Awesome Avatars

Have you seen the guy above? Of course you have it’s my blog avatar which you can’t miss on my blog site (right hand side in case you did)! This avatar is an activity of the student blogging challenge. To find out more about the student blogging challenge click here.

The reason I choose this avatar was because firstly, I love bowties, secondly, it reminds me of Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and finally I like stars, constellations and planets. If you want to make an avatar like I did click here.


Spectacular Solar Boats

Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at solar energy. Solar energy happens when sunlight comes in contact with a solar panel and turns the sunlight into electricity. We are now designing and making solar boats. My boat is going to be the fastest because it has a v-shaped hull which helps the boat travel smoothly through the water. In the future we will be building the best solar boat by making modifications to our test design. Below are my designs, measurements and test boat.

Magnificent Magical Memories

Mr Rogers walked into the classroom and in my head I said “What is it this time”. Turns out what we did was fun first, we did a blog health check and then we learnt about the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is where you take a photo on angle so the main thing that your focusing on is not in the exact center but on the side area of the photo.

We then were tasked with leaving the classroom to take photos of where we played the first time we came to the school and where we play now using the rule of thirds.

Learntastic Learning Behavour

O.M.G. Here we are 24 months later and I still can’t believe he his making us do this task again. Mr Rogers read us a picture storybook what does he think we are… preps!! If you want to see my post on this task from 24 months ago click here. Please leave a comment on this post or the farmer duck post if I have improved by 24 months.

Have you heard the saying opposites attract. Amy does everything perfect and Henry is imperfect. Well this is what happens in Henry and Amy (right way round and upside down).

While reading the book we had to find hidden messages they include different personalities can have something to teach us, you don’t have to be perfect to be happy and everyone makes mistakes. My favourite hidden message is everyone makes mistakes because you won’t learn something new if you don’t make mistakes like when Amy didn’t make mistakes she couldn’t learn new things.

My personal goal for this year is to try my hardest and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because it would be better to increase my learning skills. I will do this by reducing distractions that are around me and focusing on trying my best and not caring about making mistakes because it will be better for my learning.

This image is from booktopia.

Magic Mesmerising Maths

Give me a M! Give me an A! Give me a T! Give me a H! Give me a S! Maths! On Thursday we gathered and collected data and put the information into a graph.

My topic was 5B’s favourite iPad game. The options were Injustice, Disco Zoo, Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator, Minecraft and Other. Injustice was the 3rd favourite game with 3. Disco Zoo and Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator tied on 2, Minecraft on 5 and the winner was Other on (drumroll please)…. 8!

Below is a diagram with the graph and statements about the graph.


Respectful Rememberance Day

ATTENTION cadets!! Rememberance Day is all about respecting those who have fallen during the World War One. It also about the Poppy’s the only flowers that grew on the battlefield. I attended the Rememberance Day Ceremony down in Sunbury because I’m a part of the Australian Air League. Being a part of the Australian Air League means being interested in aviation. You also have get to attend community events and fly simulators. Below is Zac (another cadet) and I talking about Rememberance Day at Assembly.

  • To visit Zac’s blog click here.
  • If you are interested in the Air League click the picture below.


Disco Dancing

On Friday the 28th of October we performed the song Titanium at assembly. The reason we presented the song in front of the whole school was because we were learning about resilience, one of the You Can Do It keys. The other keys are confidence, persistence, getting along and organisation. We dressed in t-shirts that were the colours of the rainbow because the colours represent resilience. The choreographers were Leon, Joram and Mr Andrea. Below are links to their blogs.

  • For Leon’s blog click here.
  • For Joram’s blog click here.
  • For Mr Andrea’s blog click here.

Below is a snippet of the song Titanium by SIA.


After performing Titanium we went to the performing arts room and danced to the song Dance Off. We learnt some more moves for our  class song. As part of our dance Jamie and I have to perfom the matrix together.

Below is a snippet of the song Dance Off.


Adventurous Awe-inspiring Arachic Approach

We walked inside the gym and sat on the cold, dusty floor. A lady at the front stood up and called for silence. The lady from coach approach said we would be doing Hip-Hop, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Circus Tricks and Hockey.

First we participated in Touch Football. This was my first time trying Touch football. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this sport but I ended up loving it. In Touch Football I learnt how to pass the ball to a partner. Below is a Football that we used in Touch Football.


Then we moved on to Ultimate Frisbee. I enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee this year and it was the same last year. In Ultimate Frisbee I learned grip it, whip it, point.


My favourite sport was up next and it was hip-hop. We danced to I’m A Cool Girl. I learnt you should always stretch before and after. Click the picture below to watch the music video of I’m A Cool Girl.



Then we participated in Circus Tricks. The person taught us juggling and other tricks. I learnt to get the special juggling ball on my foot and catch it by flipping it up in the air.


The bell went after we completed Circus Tricks. After lunch we started doing Lacrosse. We were throwing the ball using the Lacrosse sticks to our partner. I was accidentally trowing the ball to far.


Our final activity was Hockey. We used real Hockey sticks and I learnt that one side was flat and the other side was round. I kept bouncing the ball on the flat side 10 times in a row.


Just before we went home we got some prizes but unfortunately I got none.

Great Gorgeous Geometery

Pi is 3.1415926535897932384626433832




































































































862694560424196 and more.

This week we have been doing circles and the circumference of a circle. Pi is an irrational number and do you want to know why? Well even if you don’t I’m going to anyway. Pi is an irrational number that never ends. Pi means it is the ratio of a circumference to the diameter of a circle. I bet your confused. Pi x Radius = Half of the circumference and Pi x Diameter = the circumference. Click the image below to read more about Pi.


Are you wondering what radius, diameter and circumference is? Well look at the diagram below to explain radius, diameter and circumference.

Radius, Diameter and Circumference

Radius, Diameter and Circumference





To watch the Pi song click here.

Spectacular Special Show Don’t Tell

The star of the week is….. ME!! I got the award for doing great work in writing on my show don’t tell piece.

Show don’t tell is when you don’t say “he is walking down the street”. By using show don’t tell it would be: he takes a step on the grey pavement stops to feel the cold breeze on his face and then he heads in the direction of supermarket.

Our story had to have  illustrations and no words. My show don’t tell piece is the world changing without words. Below is my award and my show don’t tell piece.

Excellent Engaging Eisteddfod

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Malagueña, Pumpkin Boogie and more. Those were the songs I heard on the 3rd of September 2016. I entered in an Eisteddfod; an Eisteddfod is a competition of music. Mrs Trickey and Mr Trickey of the Victorian Keyboard Association hosted the Eisteddfod. There was level 1, 2 and 3 and I competed in level 2. The songs I played were Malagueña and Pumpkin Boogie. The videos below are of me playing Malagueña and Pumpkin Boogie. These videos are recommended to be watched on an iPad.


Pumpkin Boogie

I got a certificate of participation for playing my two songs. Please comment and tell me which song you liked best.

Awesome Amazing Atoms Archaic

Atoms, atoms, atoms and atoms. We had a science expo for parents and the grade fours. We had to make a poster and a model. My topic was on the periodic table and atoms. I had a lot of people visit my stall. My estimated 45 kids and parents. Below is a picture of my poster and model.

I used a website called Chem4kids for my research it explained the infomation easily for me to understand. Click the picture below for the website.


Tournament Of The Minds

On the 20th of August I took a trip down memory lane. I had already done T.O.M also known as tournament of the minds once in 2014 and I was back there again. My team was the Maths and Engineering group with Luke, Connor, Angus, Oliver, Zac and Jamie. Here is a photo of my team below.

My Team

My Team

We did a long term challenge and a spontaneous challenge. The spontaneous challenge is where you had to complete a task on the spot. We had four minutes come up with ideas and then one minute to present the ideas. The challenge was about stairs and we weren’t allowed to talk about it until Monday so other teams wouldn’t be able to get an idea of the challenge ahead.

In the long term challenge we had six weeks to complete the task. Our challenge was to make a device that sorted the Golden Ratio out. We created the device, script and costumes. When we performed in front of the judges they said we were the best group so far and so did Ms Cairney. We got Honors which means we came equivalent to 2nd place.

For more information on Tournament of the Minds click the picture below.


For infomation on the golden ratio click here.

Excellent Exciting Egress Exposition

5B!! 5B!! 5B!! 5B!! Hi we’re going to win the competition of our doors for book week. Our door is my favourite but apart from our door my favourite contenders are…. The Very Cranky Bear by PB, Pihanhas Don’t Eat Bananas by 2C and The Day The Crayons Quit plus The Day The Crayons Came Home by 1B and 1D. In 3rd place for PB The Very Cranky Bear. In 2nd place for 2C Pihanhas Don’t Eat Bananas. That means the winner is (drumroll please) 1B and 1D with The Day The Crayons Quit plus The Day The Crayons Came Home.

The reason I choose 1B and 1D is because they were creative and the way it was designed was totally unexpected. That’s why I found there the best.

  • For our class blog click here
  • For Prep B’s class blog click here
  • For 2C’s class blog click here
  • For 1B’s class blog click here

Shockingly Spectactular Science Shows

The universe is made of…. 12 particles of matter…. 4 forces of nature. It’s wonderful and significant story. Ohh sorry just singing the Quantum World. Symphony of science is the greatest maker of science videos with catchy ring to it. They make videos about all types of science.

I am inspired to learn more and have fun with science. I am most interested in the periodic table. Below are links to 2 videos made by the symphony of science.

  • For Ode To The Brain click here
  • For The Quantum World click here
  • For the Symphony Of Science website click on the picture below


Biography of the one and only Captain Henry Charles Ross

Captain Henry Charles Ross

Name: Captain Henry Charles Ross

Born: ? 1829

Where: Toronto, Canada

Died: 2am on the 5th of December 1854

Mother: Elizabeth Wells Ross

Siblings: 11 names unknown

Captain Henry Ross was involved in the Eureka Stockade. He is the son of Elizabeth Wells Ross. One of his achievements was becoming the 3rd generation of his family to take up arms. He was outraged about Australian documents calling him Captain Charles Ross.

Henry happened to have siblings. He had 11 other brothers and sisters, but the names and gender are unknown.

Captain Henry Ross was a Canadian leader at the Eureka Stockade. He lead a division of Canadian miners. There were about 8 to 10 miners in his division. His friend Thomas Budden who came to Australia who decided to live on Bakery Hill, he tried to warn the miners/stockaders of the imminent attack from the governments forces. No one knows what happened to Budden in the end. Captain Ross’ daily job was was to stand and protect the stockades. He protected his and the stockaders rights which in the end cost him his life.

Apparently Henry designed the flag for the eureka stockade but no one really knows who did. In the events of the eureka stockade Ross took the design to the 3 women; Anastasia Withers, Anne Duke and Anastasia Hayes to get it sewn for the 30th of November 1854 at 2.00pm. At that time Peter Layer stood up and said “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand by each others rights and liberties”. Every miner said amen and marched back to the camp.

This is the story of the battle at the Eureka Stockade. The battle started when the first shots rang out in the early morning. Henry Ross up quickly and stood at the bottom of the flagpole. He was mortally wounded during the early stage of battle. Some say he surrendered and was shot 10 to 15 minutes after. Eventually he escaped from the government. He hid from the government that were trying to find him after his escape. Finally a couple of the stockades found him and escorted him to the nearby Star Hotel. Until he died in great pain from his wounds.

So Henry was a great man who stood for his rights. This person was recorded in history because he stood and fought for what he believed was right and challenged law in doing so. That is why Captain Henry Ross is recorded in history. You’ve now heard the life long story of Captain Henry Charles Ross.

Cool Cosmic Chess

I love chess. Chess is my life. My favourite move is En Passant. It is where two pawns of different teams ar next to each other and whoevers turn it is they can take the other teams pawn. Below is video of the move.

I played against Alex. Here is a video of Me vs Alex.

Interesting Important Inquiry

Our inquiry topic started with Australia has been influenced by the experiences and endeavours of many different groups of people and events. My character is Captain Henry Ross. We have to tell a yarn (a memory) about that character. Below is a gallery of my work and my character.

We had to do the thinker keys. The thinker key I did was the alphabet. I had to write an alphabet for that character. For our work we had to do some research. I used a lot of different websites such as Wikipedia and more. Below is a two links to the most popular websites I used.

  • For Wikipedia click here
  • For Defending Victoria click here

Click below for a history game. In the game you start with a 100 points and you try not to lose all your points. You have to make smart decisions to strike it rich in the gold rush.


Beautiful, Brilliant Books

I’ve been reading a different variety of books such as magazines and chapter books. I recommend these books for children 8 and above. The themes in these books are fantasy, adventure, action, love, battle and fun. Below are four different books I like.

Below are links for previews.

  • For a Pendragon Legacy preview click here
  • For a Skulduggery Pleasant preview click here
  • For a Heroes and Mosters preview click here
  • For a Star Wars Jedi Master preview click here

Seeing It Is Believing It

This week we have been doing visualising. Mr Andrea read us The Shadow Child and The Rainbow Cat. Once we finished the story we had to draw what picture was in our heads and record the words that made us get that picture. Below is a picture of the cover of the book we read.

We also had to draw the Trunchbull out of Matilda. My drawing wasn’t that great. Here is a classic line the Trunchbull says and what my impression of my drawing looks like.

For the people that don’t know who The Trunchbull is, here’s some infomation about her. The Trunchbull is the headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School and is quite a mean person. She was once an olympic athlete. Her best sport was the hammer throw. So when children were naughty she would either, grab the children by the hair and throw them out the window or put them in a cupboard with pins and needles everywhere. Finally she would let them out after they had suffered a lot.

Crazy Cross Country

We’ve done cross country again and completed it. Year 5 had to do 3km for the first time and we smashed it. I don’t know what place I came but my friend Leon came 8th. To visit his blog click here. Here’s a edited photo of our houses in the stands.


Try and figure out how I edited this photo and tell me by leaving a comment.


The PAC Day results are in. 4th place Hurst, 3rd place Galloway,2nd place Devlin and in 1st place Lee. Have a look at what songs were sung by each house.

Picky Paper Planes

We’re making paper planes in class for a competition. We all started this with the question “what is the optimal design for a paper plane?”. Now here are my 3 hypothesis. 1. I hypothesise that planes with a short length reletive to its wingspan will fly in the air for 30-45 seconds. 2. I hypothesise that planes that have a big wingspan compared to its length like the eagle will stay in the air longer. 3. I hypothesise that planes that are narrow when they fly will have a long average distance. Below is the measurements of my planes.

Below is my paper planes in a video.